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Exotic Pheasants
We currently raise Silver, Red Golden, Reeves, Swinhoe, Impeyan, Temminicks Tragopan & Grey Peacock exotic pheasants:
Impeyan Pheasant

Silver Pheasant
Swinhoe Pheasant

These beautiful and fascinating birds are generally hardy and easy to care for.
It is important to learn as much as possible about the types of birds you are interested in keeping before purchasing them.

Most pheasant species should be kept seperately from other types of pheasants. We have had success keeping our pheasants with "other types of birds" such as doves, quail, waterfowl etc. Our first concern when adding a new species of pheasant is "winter hardiness". We get many months of below freezing temps and snow.

Many of the exotic pheasants do very well in cold weather. All aviary birds need adequate shelter available to them. This can be similar to a chicken coop. Ours are usually 3 or 4 walls, waterproof roofing, perches etc. We cut holes or "windows" in the walls for light.

We cover them with thick, clear plastic in winter and remove the plastic in summer for ventilation. These shelters are just as important in the summer months for shade. Some of the pheasant species have more difficulty in hot weather than cold.

A well planted aviary (trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers) will benefit the birds providing cover, shade, shelter from the wind, etc. Landscaping is another pleasant aspect of aviaries and birdkeeping.

Temminicks Tragopan

Reeves Pheasant

We feed our pheasants prepared gamebird or layer crumbles mixed with a variety of grains & seeds. Corn, wheat, milo, sunflower, safflower, millet to name a few.

We offer "treats" such as mixed greens, peanuts, raisens, fruit & meal worms.
The types of food and treats desired will vary slighly from one species to another.
Some of the birds become very tame, such as the Temminicks Tragopans, Grey Peacock Pheasants & Red Goldens. Especially when the" treats" are being handed out. We have had birds that would land on our shoulders when we entered the pen. We have a male Silver Pheasant that we have had for over 12 years. He will "display",
(a fast fluttering of his spread wings) pretty much on demand.
Many of them are as inexpensive as $25.00 ea and are as easy to care for as chickens.
Their courting displays can be elaborate. Some will hatch and raise their own young.
Most of them are not noisy and their aviary can be in close proximity to neighbors.
A lot of these birds are disappearing in the wild. The Avicultural world needs more serious responsible breeders to insure diverse, healthy, captive populations. It is very important to keep pure bloodlines with no crossbreeding of similar species or related birds. In addition to it being an enjoyable rewarding hobby, you are doing a small part in keeping these beautiful birds alive for future generations, not just photographs in books.
We thoroughly enjoy keeping exotic pheasants. Many of our larger aviaries have a variety of birds in them, but it's always the pheasants that stand out having brilliant colors and interesting behavior.

Some of the pheasants we hope to raise in the future are: Blue Eared, Brown Eared, Siamese Firebacks, Mikado, Ijima's Copper, Elliot's, Hume's Bar-tail.

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